December 25, 1989 - July 06, 2000

Thoughts for Michelle©

There's simply not an appropriate way
To tell your best buddy goodbye.
Though she may be struggling
She hasn't a way
To reach out and let you know why.

So love her, and whisper soft comforting words,
For she loves the sweet sound of your voice.
You know that she'd want to stay right here with you,
If she could be given the choice.

As the tears flood your eyes,
And you deal with the pain,
Try to think of the memorable days
With this special girl who gave you her love,
In so many wonderful ways.

Mary and Daisy Duke

I am Michelle Orendorff and my beagle's name is Snoopy. I have 2 other doggies a Lab pup 7 months and a Australian Shepherd. I also have a 2 1/2 year old daugther Mickenna. Snoopy has tried just about everything from agility to camping to obedience. Beagles are my first love my husband got me my first one Chester when we where 16. Boy that was a long time ago. Someday I would like to show a beagle and I have been looking around for a breeder. B.J. the aussie is a Therapy dog and Tess the Lab. is just a HUGE baby. Snoopy thinks she's the queen of the house and enjoys sitting on the couch with the princess our daughter.

Snoopy and Michelle

Snoopy and Michelle


Snoopy sleeping after a long day