Shana, Buddy & Tonto
Beagle Picture

I have three darling beagles. They are pure breds, but are far from show quality (not in my estimation though..LOL). One female, tri-color, Beauty and the Beach, call name Shana, who was 8 years old this month. She acts like she is 7 months as she has a lot of energy. She has the sweetest face. She is a real "girl"..whines all the time, hardly barks. She is warm and affectionate and will lick you to death! One male, tri-color, Shana's Beach Bum Buddy, call name Buddy, who was 7 years old in April. He was the cutest puppy I have ever seen. He walks to a different drummer. He is a little bit of a loner. He barks at anything that moves. His front legs are deformed and will probably end up with arthritis. He has less energy than the other two dogs. He is my "guard dog" i.e. he doesn't always sleep in my bed like the others, instead he will sleep at the door (just incase!!). The baby will be 6 years in September. His name is Tonto's Life's a Beach, call name Tonto. He is a field beagle..white with black and brown markings. His favorite thing is licking toes (so I call him Toey). He is a devil, and full of energy, but not destructive. He has a fear of children and runs away from them or barks up a storm. The three of them get along swell, on occasion I had problems with the two males fighting (drawing blood). Very frightening. Need I say they are a light in my life? Need I say (from their names) that I live near a beach? The beach is their favorite place to run and play.