From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Tue Apr 25, 2000 7:10pm
Subject: The Unthinkable

Good evening Beagle Buddies,

Today my Mom and Dad came for a visit. Thinking Barbie would enjoy some time outside in the sunshine, my Dad went to put Barbie on her tie-out... but on the way out the door he tripped, fell, and lost his grip on Barbie's collar. Naturally, she freaked out (who wouldn't, with a big tall stranger making sudden moves!) and ran away down the street.

Dad immediately grabbed Beasley's leash (with Beaz attached to it!) and Barbie's leash, and headed down the street to try and find Barbie. No dice. Some people down the street saw her heading towards the hospital at top speed, but I had no luck driving around looking for her.

I spent several hours driving around, and some more time walking around the neighborhood trying to find her, but all I could get were a few people saying "I saw a beagle, and I think it was going that way"

At this point I'm completely at the wit's end. I put Barbie's crate out in the lawn, with several of her favorite bedtime cookies in it. I put my coat out in the yard as well, just in case she would be attracted by the scent of "Mommy". When I called the local humane society, I just got their answering machine telling me that in an emergency I needed to call the police. I called the vet's office where she'd had her rabies vaccination (the rabies tag is the only one on her collar right now) just in case someone calls their number after seeing it on her tag.

Poor Beasley is moping around wondering where on earth his sister is. I feel so bad, both for me, and for Beasley -- not to mention for Barbie. Barbie must be so scared being away from home without anyone she knows.

Please pray that Barbie will be returned to me safely and quickly,
Leann & Beasley missing Barbie.

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