From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Fri May 5, 2000 2:21pm
Subject: The Barbie Rescue Fund

Hi every BeagleBuddy,

Today I stopped by the post office to pick up the special delivery from Casey -- a check for the Barbie Rescue Fund. It's just amazing to me what a wonderful community the Beagle Buddies is, to go out of your way to help me get Barbie back home.

I immediately went to the bank and deposited the check into a special account labelled the "Barbie Rescue Fund" -- this will keep the fund separate from my personal account. The teller just about fell over when I told her that the fund came from you all, and she said "Oh, I hope I'm the one to find Barbie!"

Hopefully Barbie will come home soon, and I'll either be able to reward her rescuer or send the money back to everyone.

Big thankful Hugs to all the Buddies, Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie


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