From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Sat Jul 29, 2000 11:07pm
Subject: Barbie update

Hi everyone,

Sadly, Barbie is still missing. I was able to keep my same voice mail number through my move to Indianapolis earlier this month, but there were no leads to follow up on. The hardest part for me during the move was starting my new job and having to go to new employee orientation for three days -- completely away from my home phone and email as well as my voice mail. I kept worrying that someone would call that they'd found her, and not be able to contact me.

Fortunately, my renters and my former neighbors are willing to act as contacts in Marion so that if Barbie is found it will be easier to reclaim her.

By now, Barbie has been missing for longer than she was living in my home. Very depressing.

Leann, Beasley & Benny
Still missing Barbie

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