From: L.W. Thompson
Mon Jun 19, 2000 8:46am
Subject: Search for Barbie Week 7

Hi everyone,

Barbie is still at large. I'm really beginning to think that some family has her, and just simply doesn't want to give her up.

It's been so rainy and awful here, mixed in with days of oppressive heat -- I just honestly *can't* see Barbie *not* trying to find shelter at someone's home.

Now I'm keeping my eyes open in the newspaper for advertisements regarding beagle puppies, or adult beagles for sale. Even beagle mix puppies or just "long eared" puppies. Since Barbie was supposed to come into heat soon after she escaped, I'm guessing that she'll likely be bred (accidentally or on purpose) and the puppies will have to go somewhere.

I wrote an "open letter to Barbie" and sent it to the editor of the newspaper, but have not received any comments from the editor.

I've adopted a little male Schipperke named Our Benny Bear "Benny" who is just a little lover. If nothing else, he takes my mind off the heartbreak of losing Barbie, and he is such a unique little character.

Benny had been living in a beagle kennel at a hunter's farm since August, after his previous owners mistakenly thought he was peeing in the house (the real culprit turned out to be their young son... but they didn't want Benny back.)

They signed Benny's papers over to me, so now I'm the proud owner of an AKC registered Schipperke! I immediately had him neutered, and updated on his shots. He's going to make a very good agility dog!

Yes, Benny isn't Barbie, but he's not trying to be, and he doesn't have to be her. I've found that I can accept him on his own merit, and it makes me smile when I watch him trotting around the house.

Leann, Beasley & Benny
Missing Barbie

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