From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Sun Jun 4, 2000 8:42pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 41

Surprisingly, there were no reports of beagle sightings today.

I never thought there would be a "Day 41" of the search.

Poor little Meggin has spent the entire weekend in absolute terror of Beasley and Cody. She's so submissive that even walking her past a large dog on the street causes her to slink way low to the ground like a cat and even lay down on the sidewalk. Beasley has decided that instead of growling at her to show her that he is the king, he just wrestles her to the ground and frightens her until she pees. Cody was here for the weekend and of course he thinks it's a big laugh to join right in! I didn't think it would be this bad, but the fear in her eyes is very noticeable. Barbie *always* stood up to Beasley and didn't mind playing at all. When Barbie wasn't participating, she was the referee for Beasley and Cody. I guess I thought it would be the same with Meggin, but apparently not.

I think Meggin would be happiest in a household with cats only or maybe no other pets. She needs some room to gain confidence and bloom into the wonderful happy dog I know she can be. If her owners don't step forward in the next few days, I'll begin to search for a permanent home for this little furry angel.

This evening, I put out a big bowl of food at the empty weed-lot where some people claimed to have seen Barbie (or at least a beagle). I'll go in the morning to check and see if any of the food has been eaten. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a glimpse of whatever beagle is with the group.

There are so many "if onlys" that run through my mind. If only I'd come home earlier, if only I'd told Dad not to put Barbie on the tie-out, if only I'd boundary trained Barbie, if only I'd had more identification on Barbie, if only I'd had fence around the entire outside of the yard!

Of course, there's the "if only I knew she was safe" and "if only I knew where she is".

Leann & Beasley & Meggin (the little unclaimed beagle)
Missing Barbie

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