From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Thu Apr 27, 2000 9:37am
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 3

Hi everyone.

I've been out since 6:30 this morning searching for Barbie. Late last night (almost midnight) I got a call from someone who said his neighbor may possibly have Barbie, and gave me the address to check. But when I got there this morning, the beagle I found was a small male with markings similar to Barbie's.

Another lady called early this morning, saying she'd seen Barbie running after a car in the park near the river, and last night I'd had two vague reports of people seeing her possibly in that same area. So I combed the park and the nearby neighborhoods on foot with Beasley along. Beaz found one rabbit, but no Barbie.

I drove down to the local shelter, and showed Barbie's picture to the people there to see if she had been turned in, but also no luck.

My ad in the paper starts this morning, but it's too early to tell if there will be much response. My throat aches, my legs and heart feel heavy. Beasley refuses to leave the house unless I coax him and come along. Instead, he spends his time moping around on the couch, or standing at the window beside the door, listening and watching for Barbie's return.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue the search,
Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie.

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