From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Wed May 17, 2000 8:45pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 23

I never would have believed that Barbie could be gone for this long. It really seems like forever.

The Marion Chronicle Tribune carried a nice sized article about Barbie and the Beagle Buddies involvement in raising funds for Barbie's rescuers reward money and there have been a number of calls in response to the article as well as the advertisement. One lady has called me at least 4 times today giving me advice and possible places where Barbie could be. It's sweet that she's trying so hard to think of ways to help. I followed up on several of her ideas, and will follow up on another tomorrow.

Another person called to again report seeing a beagle near the High School. Even though it was several hours before I arrived at the High School to check things out, and I didn't see Barbie once I got there, it's promising that there have been repeated sightings in that area.

On my lunch hour, I ran around in the rain and plastered flyers on all the telephone poles along the alley behind the main street stores in Gas City. Hopefully as the people drive up the alley, to visit the businesses that have parking behind them, and as the workers in the businesses bring the garbage out each day they will look at the flyers and keep their eyes out for Barbie. One lady in the parking lot of the Dairy Queen said that she'd seen a beagle in her yard last week, but just assumed that it belonged to the neighbors.

I'm beginning to think that there are more beagles in this county than any other type of dog except for pit bulls.

Now it's time for cuddling with Beasley, and then to bed so I can start all over again in the morning!

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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