From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Sat May 13, 2000 8:42pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 19

Wow! Sherry came all the way from Chicago to help me search and put out posters today! She arrived at 11:00 and we got the flyers ready to go. By Noon we were hot on the trail, checking out possible places where Barbie might have weathered last night's storm.

I noticed that the Irish Pub where the orange cat lives and usually has food sitting out, no longer has cat food available. I wonder if someone has been snacking from the cat food dish? Who knows. I didn't see any direct signs of Barbie, so it's just a guess.

We searched around the wooded area near an apartment complex along the river, and put up flyers on a bunch of phone poles through that area of town (as well as hitting the cars in the parking lot with flyers... under the windshield wipers)

In town, we put up flyers on poles and also in a gas station bathroom. I visited a bar where they agreed to put up a flyer for their patrons, and while I was at it I put flyers on the trucks and cars outside.

Sherry and I headed over to the building that sort of resembled a loading dock/depot I had noticed several days ago and searched around under all the areas that would attract Barbie, or any other living thing trying to escape the storm.

Next we drove across to the less inhabited (kind of abandoned looking actually) area several blocks over. There was an abandoned warehouse that really kind of blew me away -- we walked right in because there was no door, but inside was a whole ton of 1980's type office stuff. Old typewriters, reception room chairs, several couches, and more stuff all in complete profusion and disarray. It looked like a company had stored their things in the warehouse, and then extremely suddenly lost interest in the whole pile. Our exploration of the warehouse ended abruptly when a rather scary looking man in a pickup truck arrived and started roaming around in that area. I'm not paranoid, but really it was outside of my comfort zone.

The High school got our attention too, where we called and searched, then hit the parking lot with flyers on all the cars.

John brought "Bakes" from a grill in Kokomo for us to have for a late lunch, and then we went through downtown putting flyers on poles, cars, trucks, and several store fronts. Even the Bingo Barn wasn't safe from the three of us.

A nice lady called, asking if one of the two beagles that had been seen hanging around in their neighborhood were possible Barbie... so we trucked out there to see. The two dogs were skinny, covered with fleas and ticks (inside their ears even!) the larger of the two dogs eyes were practically pasted shut with thick greenish matter, and she was limping sadly. Neither of them was Barbie. We were able to track down the dogs owners rather quickly, but I doubt the dogs will be properly cared for at home. Their condition was far too poor to be explained by three to five days wandering outdoors lost. The smaller more skittish of the two dogs fell in love with Sherry and tried to follow her into the car!

All too quickly, it was time for Sherry to go back home. I can't thank her enough for helping me both by physically putting up flyers and searching with me, but also for giving me an emotional lift by coming along side me and making this process more doable.

I'll be resting more easy tonight, knowing that more people have seen information about Barbie, and two lost dogs have been returned home.

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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