From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Thu May 11, 2000 8:26pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 17

Today has been a very long day.

This morning, I was up by 6:00 and out searching the same areas I covered last night to see if Barbie had decided to make herself seen. Unfortunately, she was nowhere to be found. Because of the recommendation that I sprinkle urine around, I bought a squirt bottle and squirted a trail tracing the way back home from the apartment complex where a kid last night said he'd seen Barbie.

At 8:00 I decided that maybe I should eat some breakfast, so I made macaroni and cheese (single people aren't bound by conventional breakfast foods you know!)

Once I got to work, I followed up with all the usual places, the Humane Society, the radio station, the newspaper, and another blanket email to all the people on campus.

It is unfortunate that I have to work during the day because I could get a lot more done if I didn't have to accomplish anything else.

On my lunch hour, instead of eating I went walking with Beasley around down through various neighborhoods, trying to find Barbie. There was a big beagle mix that followed us around for a while, but no Barbie.

After work I got home and took Beasley out for a walk... in the car back to check up on the spots I'd visited earlier and hand out more flyers. Poor Beasley. He's beginning to think that "walkies" means we're going to get in the car and drive around handing pieces of paper to people who could care less.

We did see two more beagles in an enclosure -- Beagles must fall from the sky here in Marion, they seem to be everywhere, but of course I couldn't be blessed by being allowed to see *my* Barbie, Of course not!

After I got home, I collapsed onto the couch, too tired to even fix dinner for myself. If nothing else, I'll probably lose weight by the time Barbie comes home.

I so dearly wish that I could turn this search over to someone else. I'm almost too tired to go on.

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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