From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Mon May 8, 2000 8:19pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 14

This morning, Beasley refused to potty in the yard again, so I got dressed and we headed down the alleyway and then down the street towards SR 18. Within 45 minutes, Beasley had found 3 other beagles, and even enticed one of them to follow him down the street! Unfortunately, none of the beagles was Barbie.

Two blocks from home, my upper lip went numb and I started seeing spots dancing before my eyes -- the warning signs of a migraine coming on. After getting home and taking medication, I lay down and rested for a bit. I guess the stress of continually searching for Barbie and not eating properly had to catch up with me sometime.

I got a call from a lady who claimed to have seen a beagle in a housing addition on the other side of town, so after the worst part of the headache had subsided (and the dancing spots had gone away) I drove to the neighborhood the lady had mentioned and searched around. I talked with a man who had seen a beagle previously, but said the dog he'd seen was not the same one as the picture I showed him of Barbie. He had the lack of taste to tell me horror stories of beagles being sold by dope dealers to bunchers who sell them to medical laboratories. I really hate it when people feel the need to shock me with their lack of compassion.

After going back home, I loaded Beasley and my two cats into the car and headed to the vet's office to get the whole crowd microchipped. Yeah, Ivy and Shadow may never escape, and Beasley is unlikely to have problems finding his way home if he ever did wander off, but at least I'll sleep better at night knowing that I've done my part to keep them safe. I only wish I would have had this done before Barbie left.

The Humane Society does not advocate me putting out a live trap for Barbie, but since I know a family that lives in the neighborhood adjacent to the High School, I'm going to look into finding a company that may rent me a "Have-A-Hart" for a few days to see if Barbie can be trapped.

A UPS driver called and told me that he'd seen a beagle sitting along the side of the road resting when he'd been doing a delivery near Upland last week. He'll be going that way again this week, and has promised to keep his eyes open for Barbie in that area.

After taking a good long nap this afternoon, Beasley and I drove around to the High School again, as well as an elementary school in the area, where some students had seen a few beagles hanging around but again did not see Barbie.

All the reports of various beagles in the area really make me wonder if there is a significant colony of wild beagles in the area. Of course, with the number of hunters here in Marion, it's possible that a certain amount of "dumping" goes on.

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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