From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Fri May 5, 2000 11:31pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 11

No Barbie at home yet.

I did get a call from a lady at the laundromat where I put up a poster this morning who thought she'd seen Barbie, but it turned out to be a different dog.

This evening, once more people had gotten home and looked at Barbie's picture in the paper, I got a few calls from different people who believed to have seen Barbie. One of the calls reported to have seen her begging for food from people at a local factory, and another claimed that she had been playing with rabbits and squirrels in a cemetery for several days. It's more likely to me that she's playing with rabbits and squirrels, but anything's possible. We're going out to the cemetery to check it out tomorrow, and the factory as well.

Of course, one neighbor boy thought he'd seen Barbie, but in reality it was a small brown doxie that he saw zipping in and out of the shadows between houses. (No diamond collar Sherry!)

Beasley seems to feel extremely neglected, so I've decided to spend more time actively paying attention to him while still searching for Barbie. I hate to think that part of Beasley's mopey behavior is due to me not paying enough attention to him!

I think the picture in the advertisement will help people to put a "face" with the description of Barbie, and hopefully she'll be back home soon.

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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