From: L.W. Thompson
Date: Thu May 4, 2000 9:16pm
Subject: Search for Barbie Day 10

I can't believe it's been 10 days since Barbie left.

Taking the advice of my online buddies, I took it a little easy this evening. I took the map of my area, and drew a line around a 6 block square. Then I drove around the square in my car, and kind of visualized the neighborhoods that are inside the square.

I still don't know where Barbie is, but in a way I feel like I have a better concept of the area.

Lisa suggested that I call the presidents of each neighborhood association, and ask for their help. So I did. Most of them sounded relatively likely to help out, which is a good sign!

On lunch today, I did go to the General Motors plant and dropped off a few flyers and pictures of Barbie. Hopefully there are enough people who will see the flyers and pictures to make a difference. I also stopped by the post office, and asked that the poster be displayed in the break room for all the postal carriers to see. I could tell the counter clerk really wasn't sure she wanted to agree to doing that, but she finally said "yes".

Beasley is on full alert again tonight, looking around with his ears "perked" (as if a Beagle can really perk!) Because of the warm humid temperatures and lack of air conditioning, I have the windows open and all smells and sounds are floating right in for his receptive ears and nose to smell and hear.

It's amazing to me that he can sulk and be on the alert at the same time, but he's doing it very well.

All I can do is hug him tight, give him lots of loving (and some treats) and talk to him about how much I wish Barbie would come home too.

Leann & Beasley
Missing Barbie

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