Sassy, Sprite, Sadie Mae & Snickers
Sassy, Sprite and Sadie Mae

Hi!! I’m Sydney Armstrong and live in Raleigh NC with my 5 fur kids. They are beagles – Sassy, Snickers & Miss Millie as well as mix breeds Sprite & Sadie Mae. All except Sassy are rescues.

Sprite, also known as "The Queen" is the oldest at almost 12 years( birthday July, 1991) and is definitely alpha dog. What she says goes. While her heritage is unknown she is probably a mix of Chihuahua and rat terrier or other short haired terrier breed. She was an abused and abandoned dog and was approx. 1 year old when I got her in 1992. She has turned out to be a great little dog. While I hate she had a rough first year and that she was thrown away, I'm very glad that she came to live with me.

Sassy was born Dec. 27, 1994.. She is a purebred beagle, with most of the normal beagle traits. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. I got her after my beagle, Samantha, ran away from the vet and was hit by a car. Sprite and I were devastated by Sam's death and we got Sassy shortly afterwards. Sprite raised Sassy and thinks she is her puppy. They are so close that my vet calls them 'Frick and Frack'.

Sadie Mae was born in Feb. 1997. She's also known as 'The Wild Child. I have no idea of her heritage, but best guess is shaggy terrier with some type of larger dog mixed in. She was one of 14 left in a garbage bag on the side of a road. The litter was found and taken to the NCSU Vet School where employees and students fostered them until they were old enough to eat on their own. I got her when she was 5 weeks old. 13 of the 14 abandoned pups made it and of the ones I know about, Sadie Mae at 55 lbs. is the runt.

I work with Triangle Beagle Rescue of NC and am a "failed foster Mom". Hence I’ve had Snickers since Mar. 2001. She’s a read & white beagle and has been given a birthday of March 17, 1999.. She is an escape artist & was returned to the rescue a couple of times for that reason. I’d just lost Kate beagle to bladder cancer & decided to foster Snicks. Since I’d been wanting a red & white, it wasn’t much of a surprise that she stayed.

In Nov. 2001, I fostered a small beagle that I named Miss Millie so she would go to a forever home, since all my dogs have names that start with "S". Well, she’s so darn cute & is such a character that she found her forever home with us. She’s blind in one eye, but believe me, it doesn’t slow her down a bit!! She was given a birthday of November 15, 1998.

Spite and Sassy are both registered therapy dogs and we visit a local nursing facility regularly. The dogs love their 'job' and the residents really love them. Many of them are in the halls waiting for us on the nights that we visit. All of them know the dogs' names, but very few know mine! I can be dead, go for our visit and leave feeling great after seeing the dogs work their magic.

While all of the girls go to agility classes, I only show Sprite & Sassy. Sadie Mae is to skittish for trials, while I can’t trust Snicks off leash & Miss Millie is very stiff. Sprite is shown in UKC agility & is working on her UACHX(Agility Champion Excellent) title. This is the highest agility title that UKC has. Her "official" name is UACH Sydney’s Special Sprite, CGC. Sassy has been shown in AKC, UKC & NADAC agility. She, too, is working on her UACHX title with the UKC. She has just started running NADAC and is also running AKC again after a 2 yr. layoff. She has Novice titles with these organizations. Her "official" name is UACH Sydney’s Sassy Little Bit, NA NAJ NAP NAC-V CGC. The girls and I both love the sport and enjoy going on trips to the trials. For me it's great because I get to play with my dogs and be with other dog lovers at the same time.

That's about it for the current Raleigh residents.

Sydney, Sprite, Sassy, Sadie Mae, Snicker & Miss Millie

3 Beags

Sassy jumping

All of my pups

Sadie Mae - Honourary Beagle

Sassy as a pup

Sassy a couple of years ago

Sprite smiling

Sprite - Honourary Beagle


Kate and Sassy

C'mas 98 Sadie Mae, Sassy & Sprite

Sadie Mae watching Sassy sleep



Bisty Beagle

Bitsy Beagle
April 27, 1976 - March 03, 1990

Samantha (Sam)

Samantha (Sam)
December 04, 1987 - February 10, 1995

Kate beagle

T.J's Lady Kaitlin, NA, CGC
June 03, 1992 - February 12, 2001