Murphy, Mikey & Molly
Murphy, Mikey and Molly

Hi my name is Susan and I live in Northern California with my husband, Norm, and 3 beautiful beagles. Our oldest beagle is 7 (Murf/male) and definitely the alpha dog. Murf used to suffer from terrible separation anxiety so we got Mikey to keep him company. Mikey is a 6 year old male - his parents were part of the UC Davis experimental colony which was disbanded by the ASPCA, Mikey was born just a few weeks after the colony was disbanded. Mikey, unfortunately, suffers from epilepsy, he gets cluster seizures which means that once he has one, he can have another 15-18 seizures within a few days. It's terrifying. Molly-cake is the baby, she is a 2 year old female and extremely beautiful! Molly is madly in love with Mikey and spends a great deal of time snuggling up with him.

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Molly, Mikey and Murphy


Mike and Molly looking out the RV window

Molly and her toys