Mr. Tahoe
Mr. Tahoe

September 30, 1986 - January 09, 2000

Our tears are flowing hard today,
We've lost a special friend.
Mr. Tahoe's gone to play
Where clouds and rainbows end.
He was no ordinary pup,
Experienced and wise.
Everything seemed better
Seen through Mr. Tahoe's eyes!
He was our "Senior Beagle."
We cherished what he taught.
And eagerly would listen to
What Mr. Tahoe "thought."
Oh, we know he's gone to Heaven
For the best and kindest care.
But we'll miss our Mr. Tahoe,
And we'll keep him in our prayers.

Mary and Daisy Duke

My name is Mr. Tahoe, but you can call me Tahoe. I live with my mom, Jamie, and a really bratty cat named Fergie in Phoenix, Arizona. Mom adopted me 11-1/2 years ago, when I was one year old, from a no-kill shelter. She had adopted a yorkie named Benji a few months before, but it turned out he was very, very sick and passed away. Even though she only had him a few months she was very upset that she couldn't do more for him. The shelter offered to replace him and even let her come in before opening hours to have a look around. All of the dogs were barking loudly "Take me! Take me!", but I just sat there, smiling at her, not making a sound. Mom says it was my silence that made her notice me. After a test "run" with a cat (to make sure I get along with the furry bags of mischief) mom declared that I was the one! I lived happily with my "sister", Pavlo, for 8 years, until she passed away at 17 years old. I was so distraught at losing the only cat I ever loved that Mom decided to adopt a kitten much sooner than she expected to, and that's how we ended up with the brat cat, Fergie. I have done a lot of work the past 3 years trying to teach her to play nice, most importantly I have trained her not to come anywhere near my food! Mom constantly tells me what a good boy I am because I'm so tolerant of the little monster.

Mr. Tahoe

Mr. Tahoe as Santa Claus

Mr. Tahoe with his sunglasses

Mr. Tahoe's carving

Mr. Tahoe's 13th birthday

Mr. Tahoe's cake

YUMMM!! Cake!