Miss Molly
Molly and her frizbee

Hi my name is Applegates Good Golly Miss Molly. I am a 13", two year old beagle (born 3/22/97) living in Washington State with Lisa and her family. I know how to do lots of tricks like; roll over, shake, dance, play dead, wave, high five and more, they say Iím "highly food motivated" whatever that means, all I know is when I see that yummy piece of food Iím putty in Lisaís hands. Iím an AKC Canine Good Citizen, which means my family doesnít have to be embarrassed when they take me out in public because I know how to control myself (most of the time.) Iím also a very athletic beagle who loves to play baseball, chase squirrels, run on the beach chasing birds, and most of all do agility. I havenít begun competing in agility yet, but if we can get into the trial I will make my debut in August.

I guess thatís about all, gee this sounds like a personal ad, you know single tri colored female seeking single tri-colored male, must be housebroken and have his own supply of cookies and toys.

Molly and Birk

Molly and Louie

Molly on the A-Frame

Molly jumping

Molly jumping again

Molly jumping some more

Molly on the teter-toter

Molly in the tunnel

Molly the Princess

Molly and her friend Bonnie

Group Photo at Beaglefest 1999

Molly at Beaglefest 1999

Molly on her tube

Miss Molly at Vancouver

Miss Molly jumping

Miss Molly in a sleigh

Miss Molly - Christmas 1999

Miss Molly - Christmas 1999

Miss Molly - Christmas 1999

Miss Molly

Miss Molly

Miss Molly