Ear T-touch/Calming

The ear work may be done several ways. Support the head with one hand. On the other hand, hold your thumb on the outside of the ear. At the same time, fold your forefinger and place it on the underside of the ear. (it will look like you're going to pinch their ear).

First, gently stroke from the base of the ear to the tip. Repeat gentle strokes from the base to the tip several times, covering different portions of the ear with each slide.

Second, make tiny circles between the thumb and forefinger, covering the entire ear in long lines.

Lastly, using the tips of the fingers make tiny circles, one at a time, all around the base of the ear to improve the functioning of the digestive, respiratory and reproductive systems.

The uses of the Ear T-Touch are listed as follows: arthritis, car sickness, digestive problems, emergency care, fatigue, fever, heart conditions, improve circulations, old age (aches and pains), reproductive distress, respiratory difficulties, shock, and stress.

There are also other T-Touch techniques for

  • loosening anal sacs to assist with more natural expression,
  • Barking
  • fear of being touched
  • Increase circulation
  • Nervousness
  • relaxation, sore muscles
  • agression
  • biting/chewing
  • emotional upset
  • hyperactivity
  • licking
  • ease pain
  • fear of loud noises/thunder
  • timidity
  • balance and gait problems
  • hip displasia
  • stiffness in back and shoulder areas
  • swelling
  • fear of nail trimming
  • introducing net animals to household pets
  • leash pulling
  • increase self-confidence

A special thanks for Brenda & Casey - Mindi and Mandi's moms for finding this for us!