Midget is the #2 Beagle & #8 Hound in obedience for 1998, In Canada!!

" I don't know how, I ended up with Midget (or Miss Midget). I guess, you can blame it on my love of dog shows! I don't know how Midget's breeder (Jennifer Somogyi) picked my dad and I out of a crowd of 2000+ people that Saturday. I don't know how we talked my mom in to taking her home (over the phone!), but all I know is Midget came home with us that day and hasn't left for 2 years! Also, I know, if the starter hadn't gone on my mom's car, she would have been coming, and I wouldn't have her!

In those 2 SHORT years Midget has gone from being CKC registered Kiefernfels Tijuana Small to CKC/AKC registered Kiefernfels Tijuana Small, can CD, CTD, CGC. {{with 1 canadiand CDX leg & 1 American CD leg to her credit}} Midget has been in Obedience competitions, from the small little arena in small town Ontario to the Sky Dome in Toronto, and ) in Delavan, Wisconsin.

At fabulous Lake Lawn Lodge, Midget has seen the growth of our doggie family. From 1 (my Beagle-X "Pepper") then to her, then to my Rough Collie, Tricounty Cherryvalley Blaster, can CD, HC, HCd, CRT, CTD, CGC aka "Blaster",

Three more things I'm sure of are:

  1. I went home from school, the Friday before, and to the dogs show, that Saturday, with never even thinking about, bringing home a dog (and I know, my dad didn't either).
  2. If it wasn't for Jenn, giving us Midget, I wouldn't know all the people I know, & I wouldn't have my Collie. And last but not least, I know that We love her to death, even when she wakes me up far too early, on weekends!
  3. If it wasn't for Jenn Midget would be sprending good cher to many elderly residents at nursing homes, with my other 2 dogs!"

-Hilary Culp, June 1999

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Midget and Pepper