Jimmy & Jack
Jack and Jimmy

Hi! We're Jimmy and Jack, and we live on a small farm in Northeast Indiana. Other members of the family include 5 cats, Benson, Sassy, Moxi, Roxi, and Dollar, and two horses, Joker (half-Arabian) and Shaker (Arabian). Needles to say, there is never a dull moment around our house!! We are very well taken care of by our mom (Diann), dad (Steve) and big brother (John).

In case you couldn't tell from the pictures, our favorite pastime is "beagle-wrestling!". Once in awhile, we chase the cats and play with some toys, but mostly it's just wrestling, eating, and sleeping...what a life!!! We are SO lucky that someone rescued us and gave us such a great place to live.

We love all our friends on the Beagle Buddies list and hope to meet them some day...how about a Beaglefest near Indiana???? Anybody interested???

Drop us a line when you can, but for now...we're off to chase the cats!!

See ya later!!

Jack and Jimmy

Jack and Jimmy


Jimmy and his bunny

Jimmy getting upset