Welcome to the Beagle Buddies website! The Beagle Buddies email group was founded on June 17, 1998. Our member - Mary (Daisy Duke's mom!) who is also a poet - was kind enough to create the following poem for our Anniversary on June 17, 2000. ENJOY!

Hug-Fest for Buddies©
When you join the beaglebuddies
You are surely going to find,
The finest group of humans
Who have hearts and souls so kind.
We love our beagles fully,
And are dedicated to--
Each eccentric beagle habit
And each weird beagle aroo.
We embrace all beagle lovers
Whether they be far or near,
And the gang just keeps on growin'
As our mission becomes clear.
Now, as we stop to ponder
On this Anniversary date
We decided there's a special way
Buddies should celebrate.
So here we use our common thread
While feeling "beagle blest,"
The very best way to demonstrate
Is a "Hug Your Beagle Fest!"

Mary and Daisy Duke

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