Puppy Dinsdale!

Dinsdale came to us early winter 1992. 
He was found by the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society at 7 weeks of age
at a busy intersection.  Who could "dump" a little darling
such as this?!  Their loss, our tremendous gain! Dinsdale was our first dog,
for me and my husband.  He's taught us a great deal!  Life with Dinsy is 
never dull.  Even at his tender senior age of 10 Dinsdale has some 
tricks up his sleeve!  The latest? Sock stealer! 

Dinsy loves to pose for Mommy

Dinsy in true beagle style  Superdins!

Dinsy will even pose in the snow   Dinsy loves his rope toys!

Dinsy in the great outdoors!

Don't you love how beagles sit?  Dinsy likes to play dress-up

It's sure difficult work being a beagle model

One hound is never enough! On April 1st, 1998 Porter joined the pack!
Porter is a basset hound and Dinsdale's best friend, as you can see.

Porter and Dinsdale are great pals

you can visit Dinsdale by clicking here

you can check out the boys together by clicking here