DeeLee, Bailey, Charlie, Wally, Jay & Chloe
English Hill's Horses N Hounds
Lynn Bowen / Shawna Manzanares - Sebastopol, CA, USA
Dogs: Dee Lee / English Hill's Sweet Vidalia, MX, AXJ, NAC, NJC - DOB 4/18/98
Bailey / English Hill Bailey AX, AXJ, NAC, NJC - DOB 3/7/97
Charlie / English Hill We Be Weavin' ,OA, OAJ - DOB 1/2/00
Jay / Just Jay Of English Hill’s – NA, NAJ - DOB 3-1-00
Chloe / English Hill’s Awessum Blossom – No title letters yet – DOB 4-5-02
Wally/Weird Wally – No title letters – DOB 5-29-00

This awesome little breed entered our family lives in the summer of 1994 and we have become more and more dedicated to them ever since. Sami/West End's Sami whom we purchased from a breeder in Vacaville, CA was our first. Sami was a beautiful very dark pigmented 13" tri. Sami was of field lines and definitely likes to hit the trail and follow her nose. She produced 3 beautiful litters for us of which we have always kept one pup from each litter. Sami is now at the bridge waiting for the rest of the beagle clan.

Bailey was Shawna’s pick from our 1st litter of 8 whelped 3/9/97. This litter was sired by Ben/Benny Buffano Harper, of Sharon, Ben and Jax (also BeagleBuddies). She is also a 13" tri. Bailey is the little queen of her house. DeeLee is Lynn's pick from our 2nd litter of 7 females whelped 4/18/98. She is also a 13" tri and is the queen bee of the our house. Wally was a single pup litter whelped 5/29/00 - he was supposed to have been a false pregnancy but he proved everyone wrong. He also almost caused Sami to have a c-section but on the way out to the car in the middle of the night, she whelped him in the driveway by flashlight. Wally is a 15" tri. Wally and Sami are both owned by my younger daughter Megan, and currently live with us. After Wally, Sami was spayed. We figured she had produced enough and needed to just enjoy life and leave the mom stuff for her daughters. Charlie, was Shawna's pick from our 1st and only litter out of Bailey which consisted of 6 pups. Charlie is a handsome 15" tri beagle boy and he is ALL boy! He especially likes to strut his stuff!! Jay came into our life winter of 2001, he is a rescue boy with an interesting past. After much patience and time he has turned out to be a very nice addition to our family. He is a 15” tri. Chloe is our youngest and Lynn’s pick from our last litter which was DeeLee’s 1st and only litter of 1 boy and 4 girls. She is our tiny beagle measuring about 11.5” and is also a tri in color.

DeeLee, Wally and Charlie were all sired by Max/Ch. Alamo Briarcliff's Maxx Outt a cute little 13" tri show ring beagle from Hayward, CA. Chloe was sired by El Maxximo/Ch. Alamo’s El Maxximo a darling older 13” conformation ring stud dog that stands in Alamo CA. We don’t know who Jay’s daddy is but surely wish we did know.

Bailey & Charlie live with Shawna and her husband Jamie in Cloverdale, CA. They come over on weekends to visit the rest of the gang. DeeLee, Jay, Chloe & Wally live with us at our little beagle retreat in Sebastopol, CA - also sometimes referred to as Bowen Beagle Camp. We often are dog sitting one or two or more dogs at a time from our past litters. We really enjoy seeing them all grown up. Our motto with beagles are "The More The Merrier".

We train and compete in agility with Bailey, DeeLee, Charlie, & Jay and have been for about 4 years. Chloe just started her agility training and will be competing in the future. We really love agility and our beagles have proven that they can be trained and do well in this sport. They compete in just about all venues being AKC, NADAC, USDAA & will be trying out CPE soon, but we have spent more time at the AKC events just because there are more of them offered in our area. DeeLee & Bailey compete at the Excellent Level in AKC events, Open at NADAC & Novice at USDAA. Charlie competes in Open & Excellent at AKC events & Novice at the rest. Jay is currently competing in Open at AKC events and in Novice at the rest. Chloe is currently training with lot's of potential and shall debut soon. We and our dogs love this great sport of agility and hope to be able to continue playing it for many many years.

When we aren’t training and or competing we just plain enjoy or little fur babies. We go on lot’s of trips to Bodega Bay and they love to run on the sand, pick up feathers or try to roll in something gross! Are lives will never be without atleast one or two or three beagles in it.

The following are some pictures of our crew doing what they do best - being BEAGLES!!!

DeeLee - best tunnel shot ever

Bailey looking like a Corgi

Charlie helping trim trees

DeeLee and Lynn at a fun match

DeeLee - don't my ears look great curled like this?

DeeLee - I know I can make it to the other side

Bailey - Little Miss Queenie

Charlie at about 9 weeks old

Charlie coming out backwards thru tunnel

Charlie is the one with all white laying in the middle

DeeLee (2nd from left) and her 6 sisters