Brodie & Sadie


My name is Debbie, we have two beagles, Sadie is a 15inch, 19 month old female, born November 4, 1997. Brodie is a 13inch, 11 month old male, born on July 13, 1998 (the day after my birthday, 2 days after my daughter's birthday). Sadie is our alpha, sometimes aggressive, but always lovable. Brodie is making daily attempts at being alpha, but he's much smaller, so at a disadvantage, he's my little goof. We got Brodie as a companion for Sadie, who has a bit of a separation anxiety problem, we now have two dogs with separation anxiety. Sadie has also shown Brodie how awful and scary it is too drive in the car, she gets carsick, he hides under the seat. They love to chew things (computer bits, underwear, toilet paper, to name a few), wrestle, chase each other, play tug-of-war, and stalk and pounce. They are the best! I can't imagine not having beagles!

Brodie as a pup with Sadie

Sadie and Brodie

Sadie wading in the river

Brodie posing

Sadie and Snoopy wrestling