Blackie at 3.5 months old

My name is Cindy and my family (husband Jeff and 2 daughters Jennie & Jessica) are owned by 6 year old Blackie. I love this list and reading about out the great beagles. I mostly lurk, but do participate once in a while. Blackie is our first Beagle so it has been fun reading about all the other Beagles...and finding out Blackie is not as strange as I thought he was!!

Blackie is a typical Beagle....eats anything and everything. Some of his favorites are pig ears, ice cubes, lettuce, and especially popcorn. If he is outside and won't come in when I call, all I have to do is mention popcorn....he comes running!! He is terrified by thunderstorms and the vacuum cleaner. We had a bad storm go thru this afternoon and he was sitting as close to me as he could get...if I moved, he moved closer.

We live in Coal Valley, Illinois a small town close to the Mississippi River.

Blackie using daughter as pillow

Blackie making sure everything is ok