Barney, Charlie & Susie


Hi, I'm Cammie I'm 39 and live in Texas. I have a beagle-mix named Barney who is 15. I have a full blooded beagle (I think) named Charlie who is 6. He is also a founding member of our Beagle Buddy Diet Club. Not a very good member, he still weighs 60 lbs. The baby is 2 and named Susie. She is trying to do agility. She is good at jumping, but still learning. We are doing it just for fun and exercise. I enjoy the list very much. The stories I read are great and the advice is priceless.

Susie jumping

Christmas Photo





February 07, 1984 - April 12, 2000

Cammie, my heart is so heavy today,
For you're losing your very best friend.

No words are adequate now to express
The comfort I'd like to extend.

You've opened your heart, shared your deepest thoughts,
You've made Barney's courage a guide.

It touches us all, and we share in your pain,
In spirit, we'll be by your side.

If there is a positive message in this,
It's the wonderful life Barney knew.

The love of his Cammie, the greatest of gifts,
That's the best any human can do.

While you will grieve, and tears surely flow,
There's a story you'll often repeat.

Of Barney, the beagle, who loved you so much...
Whose memory will always be sweet.

Beagle hugs,
Mary and Daisy Duke