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Beagle Sites

Beagle Dieuwke

Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue, Inc

Interest to Pet Folks, Dog Health Care Information - Canine Diseases & Problems provides dog health care information, including info on canine diseases and health problems.

Pet Products, America's Finest Pet Doors - Patio Pacific, Inc.

Special Links

Some of our BeagleBuddie members are celebrities, featured in the 2004 beagle Calendar!! Here are links to the calendars that DeeLee & Charlie are in:

This is the link to Charlie, click on the back cover. He is on the left in the 3rd row down:

Brown Trout 2004 Calander - Charlie

Here is Dee's link. She is also in the 3rd row down but she is the middle dog (head shot with sunflowers):

Brown Trout 2004 Calander - DeeLee

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